Kenneth A. Hairston

Legal Counsel and Representation

Huntsville, Alabama

(256) 631-7899

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Ken Hairston

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Ken Hairston has a passion for helping people. The law is a family matter for Hairston. His father was a minister whose calling drew him to the study and practice of the law in order to provide help to members of his congregation.

Ken initially pursued a career as a television news reporter in markets across the south. Assignments to cover the law and legal issues led him to ultimately chose the path his father had chosen. Ken pursues the study and practice of law to positively impact persons who need his help.

 Ken served as a law clerk on the Alabama Supreme Court after law school where he was assigned review of a diverse docket of cases that provided broad exposure to law practice. His practice includes representing persons who have been injured physically, economically and emotionally from accidents, employment, family and criminal matters.



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